Amouage 愛慕 史詩女士 Epic Woman 50/100ml




順豐包郵 愛慕 史詩女士 Amouage Epic Woman 史詩女士以東方絲綢之路的神話傳說作爲靈感,將阿拉伯的傳奇史蹟與中國的悠久文化融入其中,散發出一股蘊含東方神祕魔力與古樸氣息的誘人芳香。 前調以小茴香、粉胡椒及肉桂帶出絲柔的滑順;中調以大馬士玫瑰、天竺葵、茉莉搭配茶葉香味,瀰漫細膩而清新的韻味;後調以甜美的琥珀、香草、乳香及香根鳶尾調和廣藿香與木材的陽剛氣息,展現一種柔中帶剛的獨特攝人魅力。 屬性:女香 香調:東方花香調 前調:葛縷子 肉桂 夾竹桃 中調:玫瑰 老鸛草 茉莉 茶葉 後調:琥珀 香草 焚香 鳶尾根 廣藿香 沉香(烏木) 麝香 檀香木 愈創木 乳香 Spicy | Amber A sublime union of extreme concentration and extended aging, this iconic creation becomes all the more extraordinary. With an exceptional 56% perfume oil concentration, Epic 56 Woman revisits the legends of the Silk Road, uncovering a deeper story of the critically-acclaimed Epic Eau de Parfum. After close to five months of aging, the quality of its signature notes - Rose, Spices, Frankincense and Woods - is accentuated by a deeper and more complex ambery construction, leaving a lasting impression on the senses. What makes Epic 56 Woman an "Exceptional Extrait"? A fragrance is usually a mix of a concentrate (containing fragrant oils) and an alcoholic base. Some fragrances can also contain a bit of water and additives like liquid UV filters, stabilizers or colourants. Therefore, fragrances with a higher fragrance concentration contain more perfume oils and less alcohol, and vice-versa. Usually, a higher perfume oil concentration means an increased performance of the fragrance (particularly longer lasting scent) – but the impact of oil concentration is much more complex and varies depending on each formula. Eau de Cologne (EDC) 3% - 10% oils Eau de Toilette (EDT) 5% - 15% oils Eau de Parfum (EDP) 15% - 20% oils Parfum / Extrait 20% - 30% oils Amouage Epic 56 Woman - 56% exceptional oils