Amouage 愛慕 Memoir Woman 愛慕回憶錄女士




順豐包郵 Amouage Memoir Woman 愛慕回憶錄女士 前調是苦艾, 豆蔻, 粉色胡椒 和 橘子; 中調是焚香, 丁香, 木質元素, 白色花朵, 玫瑰(薔薇), 胡椒 和 茉莉; 基調是皮革, 法國勞丹脂, 海狸香, 蘇合香, 橡樹苔 和 麝香 MEMOIR WOMAN THE GOLD AND THE BLACK Under a citrusy mantle of bitter Mandarin and Pink Pepper, the astonishing meeting of herbaceous Absinth and icy Cardamom takes place. Like distant images, spectral emanations of Black Pepper deposited on an opulent bouquet of Rose and Jasmine enhance the chiaroscuro between the medicinal profusion of Clove and the waxy innocence of Tuberose and Ylang-Ylang blossoms hemmed with Incense. Suddenly the whiteness fades, the darkness wanes, and the memories come alive. A plasticky Styrax warms the cold asperities of Oakmoss and smoothes the animalic ones of Castoreum, while a fleeting wisp of Fenugreek rounds out the dry edges of Leather and lends its empyreumatic nutty notes to the ambery depth of Labdanum. A black and white chypre coloured with burning spices, Memoir Woman evokes fragmented memories that mingle and collide